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 Winchester catalogi 1960-1969

In deze catalogus worden 2 lever action modellen aangeboden, de standaard model 94 in kaliber .30-30 en het aparte model 88 in de moderne snelle kalibers. Het model 88 is niet klassiek om te zien en heeft als bijzonderheid dat de trekker mee scharniert tijdens repeteren. De vinger kan zo in de buurt van de trekker blijven voor een snelle actie. Ook heeft deze lever action een front locking bolt en een doosmagazijn.

Back around the tail- end of the 1880's, a lawman generally had three fixtures: badge, moustache and Winchester.
Not too long ago, the name Winchester meant rifle. The model 1866 was a much a part of our Western history as the Conestoga wagon and buckskin shirt. Time was when a man felt naked without his Winchester- unless he was a preacher and it was a sunday. De Texas Rangers op het frontblad zijn allen uitgerust met Winchesters model 1895.

There are only two kinds of deer hunters: men who own a model 94 and those who want one!
Oliver Winchester's first rifle was the Henry repeater. The Confederate Army saw it from the wrong end. They called it "That damned Yankee rifle that you loaded on sunday and fired all week". 
In 1894, when the Model 94 was introduced, Winchester predicted that this would become the world's most popular sporting rifle .."appealing to the eye and understanding of the rifleman". That was 71 years ago. Today, this hardy, reliable favorite has been bought by more than 1750000 hunters.

1866-1966 This tradition is the reason being a "Winchester man" means as much today as it did on the old frontier.

New Winchester 94 lever action in .44 Magnum. As tough as buffalo bone. And from the same great Winchester family of 1894. A powerful new voice in the deer- gun fraternity. Cartridges interchangeable with .44 Magnum hand guns.

Back when a man depended on his gun for survival, rifles like these stood ready beside cabin doors or hung,
loosened for quick action, in rifle scabbards.

Dramatic triumphs of the American frontier are part of Winchester's past.